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Koh Samui Luxury Holiday Home

Koh Samui Luxury Holiday HomeThailand has an enviable reputation as global a holiday destination, and this, combined with easy access to the rest of Asia and other parts of the world has sparked a boom at the top-end of the property market in recent years. Most luxury developments can be found in spectacular locations, with high-quality facilities, many of them owned by foreign investors who generate income by renting them out through agents when not in residence. Outside Bangkok, Koh Samui has one of the fastest developing property markets in the land, and the diversity of investment options is increasing due to intelligent and prolific marketing. Recently, the existing client base of Asian and European investors has been added to by Russian, Eastern European and American purchasers.

When compared to European or US markets, the prices for luxury properties are very favorable and continue to see strong annual growth rates. According to professional real-estate agents on the island, the more remote properties are popular with high-end buyers, locations including the far north and south which come with panoramic views and quieter beaches.Samui Holiday Home

Prices start at about 30 million baht at the luxury end of the property market, with more recent exclusive developments fetching up to 100 million baht, based on their location, size and amenities. Most properties feature a large infinity swimming pool and architectural designs vary, from modern minimalist chic to traditional Thai-style wooden buildings. Many properties also feature several stand-alone structures which house separate kitchens, living spaces and suites.

Properties at the luxury end of the market continue to attract investors from around the world, despite the recent economic downturn. This has prompted developers to go even further in terms of both style and extravagance. Consequently, for top-end buyers, Samui definitely has a large range of options compared to most other islands in the SE Asian region.

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