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The Rise of Sustainable Property Development: Building a Greener Future
Koh Samui Property / April 9th, 2024 7:31 am
 Chi the Residence, a sustainable hotel development in Koh Samui

Exploring the Shift Towards Sustainable Living
In today's rapidly evolving real estate landscape, sustainable property development has emerged as a beacon of innovation and responsibility. This progressive approach, also known as green development, revolutionizes the way we conceive, design, and construct buildings and communities. It embodies a commitment to environmental stewa...
The Evolution of Thailand's Hospitality Sector: Navigating Trends, Innovations, and Opportunities
Koh Samui Property / April 2nd, 2024 9:49 am
Chi Beach Club & Hotel in Bangrak, Koh Samui

Thailand's Hospitality Landscape: An Overview

Thailand's hospitality sector has long been renowned for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. Over the years, the country has emerged as a global tourism hub, attracting millions of visitors annually. However, the COVID-19 pandemic dealt a significant blow to the industry, disrupting travel patterns and causing a...
Thailand and Koh Samui: 2024-2026 Housing Market Insights
Koh Samui Property / March 25th, 2024 12:49 pm
Villa Icon in Koh Samui is a luxury villa for sale

The real estate sector in Thailand, particularly in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR) and popular tourist destinations like Koh Samui, plays a vital role in the country's economy. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the housing market in Thailand, focusing on the BMR (Bangkok Metropolitan Region) and Koh Samui, with a specific emphasis on condos, villas and...
How to Buy a Property in Thailand
Koh Samui Property / March 25th, 2024 12:00 pm
 Explore the Real Estate Market in Thailand
How to buy a property in Thailand with Kalara Real Estate professionals in Koh Samui
Thailand has long been a haven for luxury real estate investment, attracting foreigners with its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and promising returns on investment. From pristine beachfront villas to modern condominiums in bustling city centers, Thailand offers a diverse range of property opportunities for discerning in...
The Allure of Investing in Koh Samui Villas: A Guide to Living in Paradise
Koh Samui Property / March 18th, 2024 9:13 am

Investing in Koh Samui Villas: A Gateway to Exquisite Living

Investing in Koh Samui villas is akin to securing a stake in a future filled with opulent living and tropical splendour. Situated amidst the bustling cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, Koh Samui emerges as a premier destination not only for leisure but also as a prime local for retirement abodes. As the profile of Koh Samu...